Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Door to Door service

well today i had an hour of "me time!" so i took the opportunity to have a look around the charity shops.. always a joy.. although past few weeks haven't had that much from them..
well first shop brought me nothing.. i thought great..its going to be a fruitless day again..
next shop i spotted some glasses on the shelf, now we have tons of wine glasses ( i wonder why!) but not really that many ordinary drinking glasses.. this was highlighted over the Christmas hols when we had the hubby's whole family around one evening and they were drinking out of the most ill assortment of glasses.. its just that everything always get broken in our house..
anyway I'm digressing were was i.. oh yes the glasses £2.49 for 8.. amazing and they are really heavy..perfect for a gin and tonic . just the right size!..
well in this certain shop there is a couple of volunteers who always nab me when i go in and have a good ol chat.. simply because I'm in there all the time and so is my mum so they know the pair of us.. well this older chap and lady were in today ... and when they started wrapping up all the glasses they were a bit concerned as they are heavy ... so they said they would drop them off on their way home from... ( they were in the car by the way .. i wasn't going to let two pensioners carry my shopping up the hill for me!)..

how great was that.. and because i was buying a few other things as well they might as well drop them off to!!!..

so before about 5pm they came and dropped them off.. proper door to door service!!
just need to give the glasses a bit of a wash and we are ready for any visitors who dont drink tea coffee or wine!!

so what else did i buy.. a lovely mug which was still in its wrapping with the most gorgeous smelling hand wash and hand cream...

the design is very Cath Kidston don't you think..

its actually from Marks & Spencers, think maybe this will have to be a display mug..don't want it getting stained or chipped !!!

this lovely candle.. Ive tried to picture the detail on it.. so pretty.. the label said its an art deco style.. i always think its a shame when candles are so pretty.. as you don't want to burn them do you.. this might have to be another show piece!!.. i would actually like to find another one that matches this one as i really love the design on it and i think two matching on my mantelpiece would be v effective!

and this lovely gravy boat jug.. i thought it was Johnson's bros at first because the shape is very similar to that style .. but theres no name underneath so must just be a good copy...

then from the last shop i went into .. i got this picture for £1.50,

i love it .. its just little Daisy's with the words "love you" "love you not" with a petal being removed on each one.. i just thought it was so sweet...

and these fake flowers that had been bunged into a vase that they didn't even match one bit.. Ive been after some fake ones for the Jug in my bathroom and i thought these would be perfect..

i think they make a difference and have added a bit more colour..

much nicer if they were fresh flowers picked from my country cottage garden but never mind.. i can dream!!!

and then because i felt it was muchly deserved and it was my "me time!" i bought myself a chocolate cupcake... ( now i am actually supposed to be on a diet but i completely forgot about that!!)


  1. I wanted to get to the charity shops this week - after seeing everybody elses great finds. The one afternoon I had son cut short when he phoned to collect him straight from school instead of after his school club! So that was the end of that!

    I am loving that floral cup and the daisy picture is oh so cute. To be totally honest I would never have picked up those fake flowers, but they look great in that jug!

    Can't be much longer until the bootsales start up again!!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog, lovely lady! And now I get to see your wonderful blog!!!
    I love the daisy picture - it is gorgeous!!


  3. Great finds :o) Love the mug and the glasses. Its the same in my local CS that they get chatting to me - nice of them to drop of the items - how sweet. Scarlett x

  4. These are lovely finds you really were on a roll! It's always good to have glasses for all occasions on hand, and I love the mug - as you say - very Cath Kidston! Gorgeous daisy picture too... Sarah x

  5. Great finds isn't it a great buzz when you come home with it all and hardly spent any money ;-)) your flowers look lovely i bought some fake roses for my bedroom window last week and i never buy fake but they looked so real they were a bargin from Dunelm at 1.30 each. Fake flowers have really come on in a big way i think ;-)) I love your dresser that they are sitting on. Dee x

  6. Those glasses are fantastic! Like you, we have loads of wine glasses and impractically shaped cocktail glasses but when it comes to practicality we're sadly lacking.
    What a great service, it definately pays to be nice.
    Well done on finally getting back your chazza shopping mojo, wishing you loads more luck for the rest of the year! xxx

  7. You have grabbed some fab bargains there, and how nice of them to deliver to you :)xxx