Monday, 28 March 2011

flowers in the attic

i helped my sister sort out her loft on Friday.. its a proper room not like mine where you have to duck your head and watch out for the fibre glass insulation getting on you!
no this has windows and a fireplace and a staircase leading up to it behind a door.. i love it!
but it is still very much an attic i.e its full of junk .. for the time being that is.. their plan is to make it into a lovely girls bedroom for my two nieces .. you know I'm going to be going for sleep overs when they move up into it!

so we were throwing things away, saving things of sentimental value , and putting things into the charity shop..

i came away with a few rather nice bits and pieces myself which is always a bonus .. and i was provided lunch along with wine so I'll defo help her again!!..

i took a big bag of boys clothes but aged 10 -11 still got a few years before they get to be worn!

and then some lovely floral curtains which i think originally are from IKEA .. they were brand new as well..

i love the fabric..

i have been thinking about putting them up on my dining room window but I'm not sure yet as the window isn't that wide so think they may look a bit fussy up.. i love the floral pattern though and it almost nearly matches the lining of my baskets on top of my welsh dresser

so I'm sure I'll find a home for them somewhere either in this room or somewhere else!!

and then we came across this little cupboard.. which my sis had intended to put up in the girls room but then ummed and ahhed saying " would i really use it .. would the girls want this up by the time we get round to doing the room?!".. i was ready to let her know that for the time being i would give it a little home it being stuck up in a dusty old loft until the time comes for them to make that room into a girls space.. ( and by that time they wont want this up anyway!)
so home it came with me and i got the hubby to put it up in the kitchen!

i just think its soo cute .. i think it was my mums.. i think she bought it from the charity shop .. had it on her wall for a while then passed it onto my sis who has never used it.. so as is usually the case in our family it just went on to the next member of the family!!..

were we put the little cupboard little tea and cakes chalk board was there so i moved it next to the shelves near my sink and i like it better there than before i think..

heres a corner of my kitchen pic!!..


really could do with replacing the washing machine curtain .. somehow i managed to set the bottom of the fabric along with my sock on fire so its all scorched i don't even know how it happened.. i think it was off a piece of burnt toast haha.. the things that happen in kitchens hey!!


  1. Oh no - i just wrote a massive comment and it didnt save :( Basically i am lusting after everything in your photos lol. I want a dresser so much and i keep seeing beauties like yours. The little cupboard is awesome - i have the blue jug too :o) Scarlett x

  2. Those curtains are such a good match to the inner basket fabric! and very pretty too! I absolutely love that cupboard - how lucky you are!

    Thanks for your suggestions. I never seem to manage to print off family photos and already have quite a few photo frames around the house that I still haven't filled! I have a wall of different shaped mirrors on my living room wall and a wall of hearts in my bedroom.

    Just thought metal signs could be another collection! Have just looked on ebay and I actually quite like the french metal signs - there's quite a few with children on that look sweet.
    Will keep you updated!

  3. I want to come and live in your house with all your pretty things! X

  4. What a smashing little cupboard!

    Sandie xx

  5. Lovely stuff from your sister, especially the little cupboard thingy. I'm not buying the burning toast, curtain, sock story what really happened and did it involve wine?

  6. What a great sister you have ;-) Lovely cupboard you have a beautiful kitchen love your wooden work tops and all your pretty kitchen pieces so girly and pretty lovely colours. dee x

  7. Your sister sounds lovely. I do like that cupbard, it looks brilliant in your pretty kitchen and that fabric was far too lovely to leave. xxx

  8. 6 years is Iron - bit of a tough one - i would have killed hubbie if had bought me an iron!!

    He got me a braclet and a hanging heart that wasn't actually made of iron but sort of looked like it. And i took him to Cambridge (where we got engaged) for the day as they have an iron bridge in one of the parks - i made him a card saying i would take him there for a smooch on the bridge! xx

  9. I love your kitchen it's gorgeous! the bupboard and fabric are great, lovin your dresser :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. Stunning kitchen and the cupboard definitely should stay in it ;o).x

  11. Your kitchen looks wonderful, love all the pots on the shelf and the wooden worktops too, Lucey xx

  12. I love your kitchen looks! i'm green with envy and wondering when can I ever have a kitchen that looks like that! the ikea fabrics from your sister's loft is lovely! i'm your newest follower! :)