Monday, 14 March 2011

the lion the witch and the wardrobe

well freecycle came up trumps for us the other day (again!) .. Ive been saying for ages we need more storage in our bedroom.. the poor hubbys clothes were squashed to death as my coat collection was slowly taking over his wardrobe, and i didn't even bother to iron his shirts until he actually wore them as they always got creased anyway!
now obviously there was no mention of me getting rid of these coats.. * you cant have enough coats...can you mum!?* we just needed more cupboard space..
had a look on the ikea website and saw one that would fit the alcove space £101 it would cost so we thought we'd just save up a bit..
a few days later up popped an offer post from my local freecycle. for a wardrobe, for exactly the same size..

so off went the hubby to pick it up from the lovely lady who had offered it..

i think he was trying to get into my good books as a few days before we had that tv put in our room didnt we and then as its a little tv/video ( video... we are so retro arnt we!) .. he'd got boxes of old videos off my sister so these were all over the bedroom i was not a happy bunny!

anyway its fits in rather nicely and initially i was going to paint it as i paint everything wooden give it a pretty vintage shabby chic slapdash paint job !.. but to be honest i quite like it with the blue walls of my bedroom and also it matches my bed so i might keep it like that for now..

got some blue flowery boxes to hold the wretched videos .. i mean no wonder DVDs were invented they are so much thinner and don't get in the way!!

the massive box of friends videos are now stashed in the bottom of the wardrobe!!..

so the rooms had a bit of move around and Ive put the little table that was in the other alcove which has now been taken over by a chest of drawers and tv (mmm no comment!) Ive put this in front of the window for now.. not sure how long it will stay there but for now its got a little home!

so now i have both of the ikea pax wardrobes ( extremely roomy wardrobes!!) all to myself

to be honest they so need sorting out.. its actually bursting at the seams at the minute .. but I'm waiting to do my autumn winter/spring summer change over so I'm not that bothered at the minute.. but there's a lot of wardrobe space for me now Mwahhaahahaa ( evil laugh) which just means that's even more things to look out for in the charity shops and on eBay..
once its all nice and organised I'll give you a little tour inside!! ( this blog gets more rock and roll every day i know!! )

so got thinking .. the lion is the hubby for his bravery in letting me turn the house into a floral patchwork quilt.. and take over all his wardrobe space.. obviously im the witch ( but a nice one!) for turning the house into a floral patchwork quilt and taking over all his wardrobe space and the wardrobe.. well enough said !!!


  1. Laughing!

    I can so relate to this post! I have managed to reduce hubby's wardrobe space to about 10cm!!!! I have taken over his wardrobe, and rather ashamedly all the boys wardrobes and some of their chests of drawers too!

    I gave away 5 HUGE bags to charity last week and it didn't make any difference. Hummmmmmm, really must to that one thing in one thing out rule again! I am trying though. Its hard to sit at a computer desk thats all manly too. I keep flashing images of girlier computer desks on the screen to make him realise I use it too, so therefore it should be completely girly!!! Poor bloke, he has no 'man' space left in this house......but he has 3 sons and thats his reward! ha ha!

    Have a super monday!


  2. We used to have that problem in a previous house but fortunately one of the more useful things about this house is there are to huge built in wardrobe in our room. Plenty of space for both of us BUT I still use 90% of the drawer space for my stuff!!

  3. totally understand, especially with the coats. Last year I took a deep breath and put 4 out in a charity bag. (including a fake fur, but I never wore it). I still have far too many, but you are right,you neeeeeed choice with coats!

    I'm having exactly the same dilemma RE painting a wardrobe. I've got one similar to your freecycle one that I keep my little ones clothes in,but am toying with painting it. And the computer table (which is actually a dressing table). I am thinking that by summer both will be paintd. Putting it off for the time being 'cos I know the wardrobe in particular is a big job, and I can't face it yet.

    have a good start to the week.
    your bedroom looks fab, by the way xx

  4. wonderful- what a great treasure x ;0)
    love your bedroom x

  5. Just love freecycle - although there hasnt been anything decent on my area for a while :o) Scarlett x

  6. How lucky to get that lovely wardrobe for nothing!! Your bedroom is gorgeous! Must do some pictures of my room for my blog - don't think I have done that one yet!!

  7. Gorgeous room. Well done on finding the wardrobe- I should really check freecycle more often! I love the little stand by the window and the wallpaper in the room. Lovely x

  8. haha you are so evil Charl, an evil genius I think!
    Would LOVE to see your wardrobe, I am such a loser I love looking at stuff like that! Mine needs a massive sort out, its so bad that you have to really shove the clothes down the rail to fit another item in!

  9. i love, love, love your new wardrobe - what a great find! XX

  10. ha ha ha ;-)) Im laughing at your parting words classic ;-)) Your bedroom is looking lovely what a great free cycle find. I love your little white table by the window as well, You have the same lace curtains as me from ikea? there great i have them up stairs and down. Have a lovely week, dee x

  11. I know ... I have all but taken over the wardrobe and cupboards on the landing whilst the hubby has been reduced to using a make-do hanging rail which is falling apart anyway!

  12. It's such a great wallpaper! Totally Vintage! Love it!