Tuesday, 15 March 2011

small things

well my heart skipped a beat before.. the door knocked... a white florists van was parked outside and there stood before me was a man with a big bunch of flowers... how lovely.. what a lovely surprise... ooo have i got a secret admirer.. (were did the hubby get the money from to send me flowers!?)...
but then he uttered the words... "excuse me love.. is it OK if i leave these here .. your next door neighbours not at home.. "..
aww well never mind !!...

so Ive brought them in and the only safe place i can think to keep them is in the corner of my cooker.. stop grabby little hands from pulling them over and wreaking them!!

my heart is in my mouth now as i just know what my kids are like and they are bound to want to investigate something new in the house..so i cant wait to hand them over!!

I'll just have to make do with the £1.50 fake flowers i bought yesterday from the charity shop...

oh and I'm loving this little candle holder that cost me a massive 25p ...

whats the saying small things amuse small minds!!!...


  1. aww I'd be gutted too! Lucky neighbour, but your CS blooms look just as good and least your safe in the knowledge they will last longer and you wont have to change stinky flower water *wink* Scarlett x

  2. funny story :P It made me smile :)
    and I love the cute candle holder.

    ps. It is my first time on your blog so I will go "dig" a lil :)

  3. Don't you hate it when that happens? Mind you, your chazza blooms look lovely! xxx

  4. urgh. I hate that! I've had delivery men ask me to take flowers in for neighbours before and it's so embarrasing. I went all red and giggly saying 'ooh how lovely ' only to have him say the same thing. *fume*. Here's a tip for delivery men, if the flowers aren't for the person in that house, then don't knock on the door! Grr.

    Nice that you took them in though :o)

  5. Annoying, but at least you get to enjoy them for a few hour's!

  6. Thanks to leave a comment! I'm drooling over the white dress that you posted before!
    I'm following you! beijos

  7. aaaahhhh bless you my heart would have sunk to realising they were not for me that was a little cruel of the postman. But your chairty shop flowers are lovely, dee x

  8. oh how sad! if it helps, i've never been sent flowers! xx

  9. defo up for us having a knighthood! lol Maybe at the end of the blog year I'll total up all my blog spends in the cs and then I'll have a figure to give then next one that dares knock at the craxy tea-cup ladys house. hehe. Scarlett x