Friday, 4 March 2011


this weeks Friday frocks post is a little bit inspired by the Mike Leigh play/film/drama whatever you call it.. "Abigails party"..
i don't know why but the dress itself reminds me of the play... even though its nothing like the dress that Alison Steadman wore i can just picture the era and the housewife wearing this as she sashays around her house party making gin and tonics for everyone!!

i bought the dress from a local charity shop for £4.99...
a glamorous floor length brown maxi dress that can be dressed up with heels or worn with flat roman sandals in the summer very versatile dress i had to have it for economy reasons if nothing else!!
the sequins caught my eye immediately as they would .. there is a lot of them!

but on closer inspection i loved the little lattice detail and the velvet bow to..

the chiffon long sleeves add a lighter touch so the dress doesn't appear to heavy looking...

teamed with a variety of thin and chunky gold bangles all bought from charity shops or Primark specials!!

no self respecting hostess would be seen without her heels so Ive put these sky scraper leopard print peep toe platforms bought from a local shoe shop with the dress.. adds a fun touch with the leopard print and stops it all becoming a block colour as well i think...

i love this dress.. i love knowing i have something like this in my wardrobe.. haven't had the chance to wear it yet.. hoping to hold a party over the coming months were I'm sure it will make its first outing and i'll be heard to say "nother gin Tone!!" ...


  1. Oh yes,I agree,very Abigail's party! I wish I could wear heels that high,but alas with my old feet,there's no chance! Hope you get to wear your lovely dress very soon.
    Have a great weekend! :0)

  2. I love that dress and I adore the accessories you're planning to wear with it. The brown and gold combo is so classy and the addition of leopard print takes it to another dimension.
    We've got a dinner party tomorrow, I can't wait to don a maxi and get quaffing Matteus Rose. xxx

  3. I've never ever seen Abigail's party so I would'nt know about the dress. But your one is very sassy ;0) I love those shoes but I could never ever in a million years wear something so high. Have a fabby weekend xx

  4. Very glam :)

    I just knew Vix would be posting on here - just right up her street :)

  5. Wow, very diva ish! Love it!

  6. You just have to love the 70's for their Maxi dress and floaty chiffon style...its Fab ;-)) have a great weekend, dee x

  7. love it! Very Margot Leadbetter from The Good Life.

    coveting the shoes!

    just fabulous. You need to show us pics of you modelling your frocks!

  8. I love Alison Steadman. I saw her in a play recently and she was awesome...but really different from in Gavin and Stacy. It was strange seeing her play an old lady.

    Love the outfit!