Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tuesdays thrift & an award!

well the sun is shining .. it feels so lovely on your face when your'e walking.. if i close my eyes and not look at the bare branches on the trees i could almost think it was summer

however it is still not warm enough for a sleeveless short jumpsuit that i spotted a girl in before
( and how come these girls all have smooth brown legs and brand new summer outfits on when its still March!!)

it is i have to admit beautiful to be out in the sunshine.. it made me feel that motivated that i even took the baby to the park.. a very rare occurrence for me.. i hate the park.. i hate the constant lifting them up on to the slide.. and then running round to the bottom to make sure they don't go flying off.. i hate the muddy grass and the fact that when its time to leave they normally start kicking up a fuss lying in the muddy grass and i end up in wrestling them into a pram...

but it was alright today!!.. i even managed an hour.. now that's a good mummy don't you think.. usually its fifteen minutes and that's their lot!

anyways to reward myself for my park visit, me and the bubs popped into town before just to have a mooch.. i came away with a few things!

i think the sun was making me aim for brighter things.. as i picked up a flask type item ( it is designed to keep your drinks hot or cold but its got a pushy button not a cup for a top so don't know what you call it!)

but i just loved the bright pattern .. it came with the original box which shows off some more funky patterns..

i love this bird one i think i would have that one as well so might have to have a mooch on eBay for something similar!

i love the little pictures on the back and how very politely we are told it keeps our brews .. "any way you wish!!"..

kinda loving the girls yellow flares in this picture!!

then this bangle which is very like the striped pattern on the flask thingy isn't it.. i need some jewellery for summer time and this would definitely brighten up a dull outfit!

then i picked up ( or dropped actually oops) what i think is jam pot..

a big strawberry!!.. when i lifted the lid out dropped the spoon and broke on me.. stuffed that back into the pot hoping no one would notice.. the lady at the till did.. but gave me 50p off !!!

I'll just have to get the superglue out later !

then these two little glasses.. the red one definitely is a candle holder..but i think the blue one is just a little dish.. but that's going to be a candle holder to.. i love popping tea lights into any old thing.

so there we go.. a nice bright day.. can you believe i haven't got any pegs.. ( i seem to have lost them all since last year how mad is that!) so have not been able to hang my washing out.. a trip to asda should rectify that.. as clothes just brought in off the line has to be one of the best smells ever!!!

well Ive won the from the lovely http://prettyatheart.blogspot.com blog a Liebster Blog award!!
( if you haven't already gone checked out this Lady's blog please do .. its lovely full of lovely pretties and room makeovers.. its great !!)

Thank you for thinking of me in your nominations lovely.. just wondered though what does Liebster mean.. is it a bloggy term that Ive never heard of or is something so obvious that Ive showed my true thick colours!!

so the rules for this are that i have to link it back to the blogger who awarded me and then pass it onto other lovely blogs who have under 300 followers but I'm sure most of you lovely bloggers already will have received this by now.. ( and if you haven't .. you can now!..) so for anyone who reads my ramblings well you deserve an award just for that anyways.. so take it for yourself and stick it on your sidebar.. go on you deserve it!!
i love all the blogs that i read, i love blogging i really do.. i very rarely buy housey mags these days as all the beautiful blogs out there really do fill my nosy, creative, inspirational needs so i think you all deserve it !!

that may not be the rules to the award but hey its allowed!!


  1. Love your finds today, the flask is amazing, i'd love that for my picnic hamper :o) Ive still got the park adventures to look forward to when my little boy is a bit older. Scarlett x

  2. wonderful retro flask charl ;0) i love all your treasures- such a pretty home you must have x

    i noticed two students today in very VERY short shorts! no tights...brrrrrr i thought hehe.
    i still had me coat done up...though lovely to see the sunshine and feel the warmth on my face x

  3. wow, you really do find fab stuff!

    I'm with you RE the park. I take my little one sometimes (how lazy am I? we back onto a park!!!!), but you are so right. It's actually hard work for mums. Plus, my little one always wants to play hide and seek, and makes me run around.

    love the strawberry pot, saw something very similar in Lakeland recently.
    I bought a pink sparkly strawberry necklace today, Primark natch. I blame it on the sunshine too!

  4. It's amazing how a bit of sun changes our persepective on things - parks one of them! Great buys, especially the flask!

  5. I love the flask! We seem to have amassed a huge collection of them since we bought the campervan. xxx

  6. Argh! Love that flask, I'm very jealous.

  7. Lovely lovely lovely!!

    Dont know exactly what Liebster is except it is to bring recognition and exposure to small blogs who have less than 300 followers.
    And as you were the first blog I ever found and read regularly, before even being able to comment, - you had to be first on my list!!!

  8. I love your finds especailly the flask very 70's my ex would have loved it as he collected vintage flasks super colour you have to just love flowers, lovely glass wear to i have the blue bowl but in green, great idea to use as tealight holders. I agree this weather is beautiful at the moment i have been sat in my garden as its south facing and that sun has been hot ;-) dee x

  9. I'd like to let you know that I think your blog is lovely ,you are a real inspiration to me .I too love op shopping ,I feel like there is something missing if I haven't haunted my favourite shops for a few days .

  10. Lovely finds, particularly love the flask! This sun makes all the difference doesn't it...