Monday, 21 March 2011

weekend haul

i had a right haul this weekend and i didn't step near a shop all weekend.. spent Saturday at the park with the children and yesterday i wasn't feeling very well so spent all day in my pj's ( even missing out on a roast dinner .. that's how ill i was feeling!) ..
but somehow have still managed to accumulate a great little amount!!

first off i was given lovely bedding from the hubby's gran.. Ive already changed the bedding so i could put this one on my bed ...
now even though i have a blue bedroom i don't normally go for blue bedding ( apart from the rosali of course!) but it looks so pretty.. i love the pleated edging on this and the little beads on the flowers.. very pretty..

and then there is this lovely set.. a lovely cornflower blue with the prettiest little floral pattern and lovely edging..

then my mother in law rang on Saturday night asking if i wanted the cupboard that's in her hallway.. (did i ever.. have been lusting after this for ages..!!) so off went the hubby yesterday to pick it up..

I'm going to give it a pretty vintage paint job!!.. and i think i might change the handles but i love this cupboard.. i love the shape of it and since I've been together with the hubby i have always wanted this cupboard as i could see it all shabbied up!!.

then came a few more surprises.. all this lovely glass ware..

now you just cant beat a good clear out can you and even better if the stuff that's being cleared out comes in your direction!... i love that people know i will have their stuff.!!

i love this pineapple dish..

and then this dish which reminds me of a punch bowl was the hubbies grans... great grans... a proper antique .. will have to keep this somewhere very safe..
i think its two fishes holding the bowl..

Ive tried to show you the detail on it but as this camera is like a child's camera its not come up very well...

a few more pretty dishes.. one that is probably going to go in our bedroom for little trinkets..

and a trifle bowl and nice dishes for salads when we have guests..

next we have some fairy lights..

i lurve fairy lights and its very handy as the ones around my fireplace have finally given up the ghost and Ive really noticed the difference so i am going to put the white cable ones around the mirror and find a home for the others somewhere!!

then my sister popped round with a bag of clothes, she was having a little clear out and gave us these little numbers!

so all in all.. i don't think Ive had a bad weekend do you!!

hope you had a good weekend to and were able to enjoy the spring sunshine that we had. if you got into a certain spot the sun was warm it was lovely!


  1. I think you had a fabulous weekend! Very generous Family and friends! Loving the hall cupboard and the bedding. Scarlett x

  2. Isn't it great when you collect a big stash of things without having to make the effort of looking for it!!!!!

    Great the cabinet, I can see it all 'shabbied up'!!!!!

    Have a lovely day!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxx

  3. What fab things you got on the weekend!

  4. oh my God! You could find something good in an empty room! How do you do it?!

    can't wait to see the cabinet post makeover. It's going to look fab.

    great haul! x

  5. Haven't you done well? I love the challenge in doing up an old piece of furniture, that little cupboard will be gorgeous after a paint and knob job (ooerrr!). xxx

  6. Oh those are the best kind of bargains! That little cupboard will look lovely shabbied up, I can't wait to see it done x

  7. Wow.......all that without leaving the house!!
    PS Have you seen the award I have given you??!

  8. The boot sale came to you, lots of lovely things, what a kind family, love the dresses, wish my sister was a generous.

  9. wow, fab weekend indeed, I love the duvet and the glassware.

  10. That cupboard is going to look great after you have worked your magic! What lovely things you have acquired. :0)

  11. Thanks for your lovely comment - I think I must have a very understanding hubby... but I have agreed to hang them slightly out of the way. Slightly. I love the bed linen you were given, and the cabinet works really well. x

  12. sory to hear you haven't been well. Wow you had all those lovely things without even leaving the house ;-)) sounds good to me. love the glass wear and your bedding to. have a lovely week, dee x

  13. Wow, you must be realy loved to be given such lovely goodies, hope you're feeling a lot better now. Lucey xx