Friday, 25 March 2011


this is more of a Friday night frock ... and theres no frock but for the first time jeans are making an appearance!!

i live in jeans .. i am actually in need of some new jeans now as one pair has got paint all over them and my other pair are actually to small ( eek diet time again me thinks!) .. so at the minute i only have one pair of skinny jeans that are half decent!

so as its a Friday night i thought i would show an outfit that i might . .( given half the chance!) wear if i was going out for the evening.. Ive always thought Friday nights tend to be the more casual of the weekend .. well in my hey day it was. i would wear jeans or trousers on a Friday and then the little dress would come out on a Saturday!

i picked up this top from the charity shop this week £2.99

i love it... the nude shade makes for a great background to the black floral pattern..

its buttoned up the back and has the same lovely button detail on the cuffs..

its also a little bit floaty so covers a multitude without looking like mama cass in a kaftan!

teamed with my straight leg jeans which are dotty p's but i bought them from the charity shop £3.99
they are a lovely fit, quite flattering on actually which is always a bonus!

now i would have to wear these beauties .. eeeek i bought these this week as a treat to myself .. don't you think they are just gorgeous ..

and guess what they are really comfy as well .. i think its the platform that makes them so comfy..

these were from NEXT and did actually cost me £25 but i feel as they will go with so many things that they are bound to pay for themselves in the end!!
i just think the colour goes perfect with the top and as they are so fantastically high and gorgeous they instantly glam up any outfit!!

to add hint of sparkle but not to much Ive topped the outfit off with a necklace that i bought on our honeymoon in Greece ..

add to it a vintage clutch bag that i found in our loft not long after we had moved in and I'm ready to go..

just need to order the taxi and put on my lipstick...

reality ... I'm just running a bath and am going to read the latest Maeve Binchy whilst enjoying a very large glass of rose!!...


  1. Love it all. Winner outfit. Shoes are always an investment (that's what I tell my other half, anyway) x

  2. looks really nice, winning outfit for sure.

  3. Love that outfit. Gosh, I wish I could wear high heels. Used to in my younger days but have got out of the habit and now they just cripple me!!
    Have a brilliant weekend,
    Z xx

  4. Love your outfit, espesally the top, great find and I have to say those shoes look fab too. Altogther I'm loving you look.
    Enjoy your bath & book.
    Luv Sophie

  5. Wow those shoes are amazing!! love them :) x

  6. lovely outfit. ooh, loving those shoes. And yes, the platform makes them so comfy. I only buy platforms at the moment, because they give height and are comfy.

    I'm a live in jeans girl too. It's only summer when I bare my legs! That said, I'm going to sainsbury's in my maxi today. Bet I still a heel through the hem again! ha ha ha.

    love this weekly peek into your wardrobe. Not only do you have a really good and unique style, but you always buy things at corking bargains!


  7. Great outfit that top looks lovely and shinny. And wow what a heel on those shoes i would fall over before i even left the house ;-) Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  8. Great outfit - loving that you got a lot of it from the charity shop so you can look fab in it and know that you've done you bit for charity *wink* (yes I do use that excuse far too many times to hubby when he moans that i keep buying stuff lol). Scarlett x

  9. That's a fabulous outfit, those shoes really finish it off beautifully. xxx

  10. Hi just found your blog via Memoirs of a vintage magpie and love the top. But you little tinker I was getting all excited for you on your big night out until reality struck and it seems we were both sitting reading Maeve Binchy but my drink of choice was hot chocolate (light of course). Nice visiting you and if you ever feel the need of a virtual cup of coffee pop on by you are always sure of a warm welcome.
    Take care, keep safe, be happy
    Beverley xx

  11. oooh wow those shoes are GORGEOUS!

  12. I love this outfit, and those shoes are goorgeous! I've been after a pair of nude killer heels for a while but never go anywhere to justify it *sulk*

    Thanks for your comment on my kitchen. I am happy with it, but I still see all the unfinished bits at the moment! Definitely an improvement from bare brick though :) x

  13. Killer shoes!! I got ones like that but without the platform and after 30 minutes i was walking bare foot!! They gave me cramp!!!