Thursday, 17 March 2011

My first commission

My First Commission ... haha . I sound like I'm Elizabeth Emmanuel or someone being given the commission to design the royal wedding dress don't I!..

actually who is designing the wedding dress for Kate.?
. i loved wedding dresses when i was younger and constantly was drawing them.. perhaps they want to have a look back over my designs.. puff sleeves and rose buds featured heavily on my designs then!!!

anyway were was i .. oh yes .. i was asked by a friend to make for her kitchen windows blinds, which would be similar to the one i made in my kitchen..

which is fine when you are making for yourself.. i can live with wonky edges and diagonal hems.. but when its for someone else you do actually have to make a bit more of an effort don't you!!

so i took myself round to mumsys at the weekend and made a start under her watchful eye!!

i was using this pretty Clarke and Clarke fabric that was bought from eBay..

my kitchen blind is made up of two different types of fabrics but because this already had the spot background i just doubled up this fabric as i think it would have looked to fussy!
it was a bit slow going at first, made a few mistakes like sewing the two pieces all the way round and then realised because i had sewed it on the inside there was no way of turning it inside out!!..

but got there in the end, its been so long since Ive made anything that i felt all over the place and because i was making it for someone else i think the pressure got to me!..
i had to sew one part again as all the writing on the end hem was showing..silly little things like that but like i say we got there in the end!

so i made two .. one that is 120cms wide and one that is 90cms wide
here is the 90cms one .. it is bigger than my window but its just for an idea really ..

i added some white ribbon to hold it in place.. and the hubby cut two pieces of beading to weight the blind down as well..

here's both of them on my bed.. just have to give them an iron as they have become a bit creased!

so i feel so much better since Ive made them.. Ive realised the right way to do them and think i will feel much more confident about making them again...


  1. They look fabulous! Well done you, fancy making me some now your more confident ;o) Scarlett x

  2. They look fantastic, perfect, in fact. Well done. Great choice of fabrci! xxx

  3. I think it's Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, but they won't confirm it. Which is highly annoying, I mean, it's not like they're showing the design, only saying who's making it. And as the Geat BRitish Public are paying for it, it would be nice to know where our money is going.

    Love your blind! Looks superb. You are spot on, when it's for yourself you don't care about mistakes and wobbles, if it's for someone else then you feel it has to be perfect. And therein lies why I have yet to have the courage to make and sell anything. I think about it, just can't quite go for it yet.
    Fab work, now make loads and earn tons of loot! ;o) x

  4. Brilliant blinds but I know what you mean about worrying when you are making for someone else. You have done a terrific job - well done

  5. They look great! I have been looking for a kitchen window dressing for a while now. I have put up a cafe net with roses on, but need something to close at night. Curtains will get in the way of the washing up etc and I cant find the right colour/pattern of blind. I was thinking of trying to make something like yours with the gingham pink fabric I have. Do you put a batten in the bottom bit and then roll that up every day?? Is it a bit of an effort to try to roll it up and then tie up the ribbons when it is high up?

  6. That is gorgeous fabric.

    Victoria xx



  8. They look great :)

    BTW the royals are on a costing cutting exercise - so Kate is buying Vintage via ebay ;)

  9. They are gorgeous! Well done you! I know that feeling...I always have a dread when people ask me to make things they have seen me make and have in my house! Like you say, you yourself can live with wonkiness but when you are making for someone else you have to do a decent job! ha ha!

    Have a fab weekend!

    Vanessa xxx

  10. i love that fabric,its the same i used for the curtains in my daughters room.
    i need to make some pelmets..oh well another thing on the to do list.

  11. You have done a great job it looks really lovely, great pretty fabric to, dee x

  12. They look lovely, you should be very proud. xx

  13. they look lovely I have seen this fabric on ebay and it looks a lot prettier in real life I bet your friend will be over the moon with them
    xx fee

  14. Hope you like the award I have chosen you for!!!
    See my last post!