Wednesday, 9 March 2011

windy wittering wednesday !

ooo today has been soooo windy around here.. beautiful bright sunshine for most of the day but phew that bluster was very strong.. i was freezing!!
suppose it has blown a few cobwebs away though which we all need from time to time!..

well i met my mum in town for a little mooch around the charity shops this afternoon, i bought these two retro style candle holders for 59p...

the pattern reminds me of bubbles for some reason

these are from ikea and look brand new, actually not sure were I'll put them yet as they dont really fit into any of my colour schemes around the House but i did think they were rather cute so im sure i'll find a home for them!

then in the next charity shop i spotted these PJ's as soon as i walked in . ( you know with me having extra floral magpie vision.. i can spot a rose petal at 100 yards don't you know!) .. they were only 99p .. my mum bought these for me and she got her self a lovely pair of navy blue silk PJ's.. £ 1.98 for the pair.. i mean how fantastic is that..
i love the duck egg blue background on my ones . .works so well with the dark pink of the flowers.. and also is an almost identical match to my bedroom wallpaper so i could actually camouflage myself into the wall if i wanted to !!!..

then on the way out of the same shop this little tpot with tea cosy was sat on a table just waiting to be bought..

so i ummed and ahhed for a few minutes and then my mum bought me it anyways!!.. the label says country living

so i assume its come from an offer from the magazine or something, again its a lovely duck egg blue

so we went back to mine and munched our way through a pack of coconut rings biscuits ( i wonder why my clothes don't fit!) and had a cuppa..then the hubby took mum home and on his return produced a bag of goodies from mummy dearest .. ooo exciting.. i do like a bag of goodies

so first out of the bag was this lovely red throw.. brand new still all wrapped up in a red ribbon.. i think there is nothing more special than somthing being wrapped in ribbon..perhaps im a little bit sad but i do think it always gives it an extra somthing.. !!

Ive put it over the arm of my floral sofa ( i already have a red throw on the other arm so now its nice and matching .. but not to matching.. don't want it to be twee!!) and i love the pretty cut out heart detail on the trim..

this sweet little jam jar lid.. which i think i may make into a broach /badge ..

on the back it tells us its from a jam jar company..

anything polka dotted or floral is always welcome in this matter how big or small!

and then this divine little vase.. the beautiful rosebuds all around are just beautiful.. i think I'm going to use it as a candle holder i love it so much..

its on top of my china cabinet at the moment and its funny because your eye is drawn to that and then to the china posies inside the cabinet at the same time.. a proper feast for your eyes now!!

as i was getting the things out of the bag i noticed how the pyjamas, the red throw, the teapot and t-cosy and the little lid all complimented each other with the blue red and pink tones .. it looks like a little display and if i was creative enough i would display it all beautifully and take wonderful pictures but i kinda just threw it together and took a few pics whilst the kids were occupied!! but you get the picture don't you!!

oh and if i haven't been treated enough there was something else at the bottom of the bag .... a HUGE bar of tolberone ... MMMMmmmmm....

well it is Wednesday after all.. to late to start a diet mid week and ive wittered on enough so surely Ive burnt some calories off doing that!!

***oh and my mummy has just discovered the pretty vintage blog today.. so she may well be online now reading this.. so big wave to the mummy!!!****


  1. fabulous items!! my fave has to be the pjs, pjs are my best friend! I live in them!!

  2. So much prettiness! Those pj's are gorgeous. And hello Mrs Mummy if you're reading!! x

  3. Wow you have been spoilt!! What lovely bits! The teacosy is originally from Boots. At Christmas they stock Country Living items.

  4. So many lovely things! You must have a radar that picks out florals and I have one that finds 1970's stuff!
    That bright throw works beautifully on your settee. xxx

  5. Lovely finds i love the pjs and the tea pot holder, enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  6. What lovely goodies you have received :) Love the pj's :) xxx

  7. Hi there
    Just popped by to say thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I have to admit that other than my snug, the kitchen is my favourite room in my house, but the pretty pictures don't show the cracked and pitted quarry tiled floor or the badly in need of a paint job walls! Problem is this house is a bit like the forth bridge, when you get each room decorated its time to start all over again...and my enthusiasm isn't always what it should be!
    Love your blog too, I am now a follower so will be back to catch up again.
    Regards Jenny x
    PS adore those PJs, now I am green with envy too!

  8. You got some lovely things. I particularly like the tea cosy X

    P.S Hello Pretty Vintage's mother if you are reading (Im waving at you) LOL!