Friday, 11 March 2011


when i first saw this weeks Friday frocks advertised on eBay it initially reminded me of Florence Welch from Florence and The Machine.. you know all floaty and Lacy and a little bit whimsical ..
( not actual pic of me in dress but fabulous Flo herself!!!)

oo don't you just love that word .. whimsical.!!
so anyway back to the dress..
so yes this is an eBay number £8.99
it is actually shorter than i thought it was .. i did think it was more maxi in length but its actually more midi.. which i find is quite a hard length to pull off if you don't want to look like Great Aunt Mavis on a bus trip with her friend Joan from the Post office..!!.. i.e you want to attain to the vintage style without adding a vintage age to you!!.

added a thin plaited leather belt from Primark £1.00

and wear thick black opaques to give it more of an edgier look.. if cream and lace and bows can actually be called edgy!
teamed with my vintage Bertie leopard print shoes .. charity shop £2.99

i love the little cone heel on these and even thought they must be how old they look modern ..

now as its still rather chilly you cant be walking around with exposed arms and shoulders so Ive put my little vintage velvet jacket that i won on eBay and because the seller hadn't said it was velvet or even velvet effect so no one was bidding on it so i got it for £3.99.

.i love the ribbon edging and the big gold buttons.. and its lovely and warm so what more do you want from a jacket
add a leopard print silk scarf .. charity shop 50p

tied in a nice pussy bow for that lady like look!!..

oh and a nice big slouchy bronze coloured bag £1.99 charity shop .. when i got home i found a pound in its pocket so really only cost me 99p!!

anyways enough about me.. were are all these Friday frocks that i was promised.. i feel like a bit of a billy no mates here come on get your frocks out!!

**** i know a few of you have said you want me to photograph myself in my outfits.. at the minute i am feeling like a right heffer.. so wouldn't want you to be put off eating!!.. promise as soon as the needle on the scales starts moving to the left i will take pics.. just don't feel confident at the min!! ****


  1. Hi Charl,
    I always look forward to Fridays Frocks .. you always seem to find so many bargains. Do you buy something especially for every Friday?
    Love your Blog - Added you to my favourites..
    Have a great weekend.
    Sam :)

  2. Another lovely dress, ;-)) dee x

  3. oh huni that dress is beautiful...i remember being at uni in london and going to camden market and buying a floaty long shirt like that and making it into a dress over jeans ;0)

    i bet you do look ever soo pretty in your outfits.
    since having my daughter ive put on 3 stone!!
    not proud and i never feel the same in clothes as i did when i was a 10-12 ;0(

  4. I love that dress and how you've accessorised it.
    I find that tricky midi length works well with very high-heeled ankle boots, more rock chick than rocking chair!
    Can't believe you're anything less than perfect. xxx

  5. love it. Very florence and very fabulous! I love how you just throw your look together and then casually tell us it's cost so little!

    ah. I'm with you on the photo thing. I have piled on the lard since being a mum (and scoffing non stop doesn't help), so I don't like showing pics. Bet you look fab though :o) xx

  6. This one has to be my favourite so far...gorgeous! I understand the 'photo' thing..I feel the same as you at the mo.
    Have a lovely Sunday. :0)