Monday, 7 March 2011

three is a magic number

was having a little change around the other day.. just moving a jug here, a picture there you know what its like.. think its generally called faffing actually!!

anyway this time my attention was focused on the china cabinet in my living room.. that holds tea cups and other various bits and bobs related to china!.. the top of it was winding me up .. it all looked a bit bitty. the lamp was far to small for it and it just looked a bit naff.. so i started having a move around and moved a large jug from off the top of my dresser and a small jug from the dresser shelves in my living room..
added a candle and put my large cake stand back on there ...
when i stepped back and looked.. i felt a lot happier ( for now!) .. and then i noticed that it was a pattern of three that i seemed to use and i realised looking round my home that i do seem to put three things together when grouping!!..

just thought id show you ..

Lilly's currently making my house pong..but they were in the bargain bin with a yellow woopsie sticker on..couldn't resist!!!

and then there are somethings that just automatically come in threes that you have to use...

it must just be a good number!!..


  1. I always group in threes, too. It always seems to work.
    Love those glimpses of your gorgeous house, so spring-like and inspiring. xxx

  2. Beautiful home, enjoyed having a peep

  3. Love a bit of 'faffing too! They say you should always group things in odd numbers don't they?
    Love all your arrangements. :0)

  4. Loved seeing little corners of your home, thanks for sharing :) I too group in threes, but then I find myself doing lots of things in odd numbers (maybe I'm just odd!) x

  5. that's because you are natural with displaying. Odd numbers always look better than even.
    I used to be a window dresser, so you learn to use odd numbers, and as a rough guide, the shape when making displays is a pyramid. That's not to say that you stack things up to look like a big triangle, but just use it as a loose shape to arrange things, with height either in the centre or slightly to one side.

    Now I've told you this, you'll see what I mean next time you look at the shop windows and instore displays!

    And you have the eye naturally. Your displays look really good.


  6. Three is a definatly a magic number ;-)) your home looks great, i love those little glass candle holders i have quite a few of those scattered around my upstairs. It was so nice to see that someone else drys there roses and hangs them up ;-)) I do it all the time i think they look great. have a lovely week, dee x

  7. Lovely! Odd numbers definately work well. Hubby always tries to straighten things, but I like them at a slight angle!

  8. I really should do some faffing in my house - but the sunshine has got the better of me lol. Loving the jugs :o) Scarlett x

  9. Im a three or five person and always buy odd numbers of things - which drives the rest of my family mad!!